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Residential Shrub & Tree Trimming

Why shrub & tree trimming is important.

Shrubs bring a sense of beauty and privacy to our yards in the Oklahoma City suburbs of Edmond, Moore, Yukon and other nearby areas. However, they can quickly become diseased and overgrown without regular trimming and other maintenance. While no homeowner sets out to ignore their shrubs, many find they just don’t have time for the upkeep they require. This can give shrubs a dead appearance. You deserve to enjoy the benefits of your shrubs. When you work with Cimarron Environmental, we take care of your shrubs so you can continue to enjoy their aesthetics and the privacy they provide.

Our Shrub Trimming Service

Your shrubs will probably be overgrown the first time we come to your property. The first thing our plant and tree care experts do is trim overgrown branches located on the outside of the bush. We cut the branches down to a length that allows for maximum sun exposure to encourage ongoing growth.  Another thing we do is remove all yellowed, dead, or diseased branches going toward branches located on the base. Lastly, we rake fallen leaves and branches around your shrubs. This prevents them from blowing away and possibly spreading disease.

Minor Residential Tree Trimming and Pruning.

Minor Tree Trimming Promotes Healthy Trees

Trees need trimming for many of the same reasons that shrubs do. Removing decayed or diseased branches and leaves make the roots of the tree stronger. This improves its health and makes it more likely that your trees can withstand any type of Oklahoma storm. The process also spurs the growth of new branches and encourages growth on fruit-bearing trees.

If you never trim your trees, the branches can become large enough to hang over the roof of your home and touch electric lines. You obviously want to avoid this safety hazard. Routine minor tree trimming helps to treat disease and prevent future disease as well.

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