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Residential Sod Installation Services

Sod Installation

Sometimes residential lawns in the Oklahoma City suburbs of Edmond, Moore, Yukon and other nearby areas is in such poor shape that it makes more sense to start over with new sod. Also called turf grass, sod is fresh grass that has already been planted. It comes in sections held together with roots and other materials. Replacing your current lawn with rows of sod offers the following advantages:

With all its advantages, sod does have one disadvantage over grass seed. Many homeowners find it difficult to install on their own. The professionals at Cimarron Environmental, LLC have many years of experience installing new lawns. We enjoy the satisfaction of turning a yard with dull, dying grass into one that looks attractive and healthy.

What to Expect During the Sod Installation Process

Laying sod involves many steps. These include:

We recommend that you water the sod up to three times per day during the first two weeks to allow it to get firmly established. You can decrease watering if it rains or the temperature drops significantly. Our crew will provide you with complete aftercare instructions before leaving your home.

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