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For homes in Edmond, Yukon, Moore & surrounding areas.

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Residential Mowing Services

Lawn mowing services for Oklahoma City area homeowners.

Lawn mowing is one of those chores that just keeps coming back. You spend a good part of your Saturday afternoon mowing only to have to do it again the following weekend. This can get discouraging, especially when you have limited free time. At Cimarron Environmental, LLC, we offer regularly scheduled lawn mowing service so you can spend time doing things you would rather be doing. As an added benefit, your yard will look more attractive because our professional team has been caring for it.

Residential Edging and Mowing Services

Edging Service

Even after mowing, raking, and weeding, a lawn can still look sloppy without edging. That is why we include this service in with our regularly scheduled lawn mowing. Edging eliminates thin strips of grass that we can’t get with a mower, such as that surrounding a flowerbed and growing freely along your patio, driveway, and walkway. Unless you own a power edger yourself, these areas can quickly become overrun with grass that a mower is too large to cut. Safety is another important consideration. Unfortunately, people who don’t use an edger often can injure themselves in the process. Our staff has the experience to produce beautifully edged lawns and other outdoor areas and to use the equipment with utmost precaution.

Residential Mowing, Edging and Blowing Services

Power Blowing

As we mow and edge, it is just natural that grass clippings and some dirt will be on your driveway, side walks, patios, etc. After every mow, our lawn care crew uses a power blower to remove these grass trimmings and dirt from these areas. Cimarron Environmental, LLC takes special care to leave your lawn in better condition than we found it. We know that your lawn is a big source of pride and we work hard to make sure it's something that reflects well on you.

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