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Residential Lawn Fertilizing

Why do you need to fertilize your lawn?

You may wonder why the lawn at your home in Oklahoma needs fertilizer. After all, doesn’t it get everything it needs from soil, water, and natural surroundings? The answer is not quite. The soil, water and other natural surroundings provide 13 of the 16 elements your lawn needs to maintain good health. The missing three, which include potassium, phosphorus, and nitrogen, are only present in fertilizer that you purchase.

Fertilizing your lawn sounds like a straightforward process, but this usually isn’t the case. You need to select the correct kind of fertilizer for Oklahoma’s climate, know your grass and soil type, and time the application just right. Don’t worry if all this sounds a bit over your head. Fertilizing is one of the prime services we offer at Cimarron Environmental, LLC. We will evaluate your lawn’s unique characteristics and then apply the right fertilizer at the ideal time.

Residential Shrub and Tree Fertilizing

Shrub & Tree Fertilizing

Your shrubs and trees also need routine fertilization for optimum health. Like your grass, they require potassium, phosphorus, and nitrogen. This is especially important early in their lifecycle; however, it’s best to avoid fertilizing throughout their first growing season. You can damage your shrubs and trees if you try to fertilize them when they’re not healthy. It takes a trained eye to know when and how much fertilizer to apply to shrubs and trees.

Residential Weed Control

Weed Control

When you take pride in your lawn, it’s frustrating to see dozens of dandelions or other weeds where lush, green grass should be growing instead. Part of the problem is that identifying weeds can be challenging. Our lawncare crews have the experience and training to know what to treat as a weed and what to leave alone. We have found that taking a proactive approach to weed control by treating pre-emergent weeds in the early spring sets the stage for an effective weed control program all year long.

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