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Lawn Aeration Services

Lawn aeration services for homeowners in the Oklahoma City area.

Any residential lawn in the Oklahoma City area needs four basic things to stay healthy and have a dark green appearance. It’s much easier to determine that your lawn needs mowing, weeding, or fertilizing than it is to know if it need aerating. That is because most people don’t know what signs to look for or understand what aerating means.

What is Lawn Aeration?

Aeration involves punching holes three to four inches deep into your lawn with special equipment. The purpose is to allow fertilizers, oxygen, water, and other important nutrients to reach the roots of your grass. This gives your grass better nutrition than it receives with fertilizer. You can go several years between aerating sessions, which is why it doesn’t make sense for area homeowners to invest in their own equipment.

What is lawn thatch and why do you need to remove it?

Thatch is a layer of grass containing stems, clippings, roots, and various debris that gets compacted into the soil. This can happen for a variety of reasons, including:

It’s time to aerate your lawn when thatch build-up is more than half an inch. Grass that grows in warm climates like Oklahoma need regular aeration to get all the nutrients it needs. Lawns with a high concentration of clay soil also require more frequent aeration. Your lawn could benefit from this procedure if you notice one or more brown patches, the grass seems overly dry, or people have worn a path on the grass from walking on it so much. Removing thatch and providing nutrition at the root level  is the ideal way to correct these issues.

We provide our lawn aeration services to the entire Oklahoma City area, including the suburbs of Edmond, Yukon, Moore and other surrounding areas. We are also fully insured to protect everyone involved. To get your free quote, simply complete the form below or call (405) 323-8702.

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