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Commercial Sod and Irrigation Services

New sod installation and irrigation services for your business.

As a business owner, you have more to lose by keeping an unattractive, diseased lawn than a homeowner does. A business with a dying grass is a turn off for approaching customers. Cimarron Environmental has many years of experience laying new commercial sod as well as providing it with irrigation. If your lawn no longer responds to treatment efforts and you want the benefits of a lush, green lawn, putting down new commercial sod is the way to do it.

The process of installing sod and an irrigation system for your commercial property.

Choosing the most appropriate sod requires an in-depth understanding of the climate in Oklahoma City. These are just some of the factors we consider when making our recommendation:

After selecting the sod type, we prepare to lay the individual rows of new grass. The first step in this process is installing your new irrigation system. This is essential to ensure that the fresh strips of new grass get off to a good start. Our installation team consults with you to select an irrigation system that makes the most efficient use of water while still providing the sod with the nourishment it needs.

Once we have installed and tested the sprinklers, we prepare the area for sod installation by removing debris, raking the soil, installing edging, and adding topsoil or compost. The last steps before we lay down rows of sod are creating a base for your new lawn by grading the surface of the soil and adding alkaline pH. We may also need to trim some rows of sod so they fit neatly on your commercial property. After the sod has been completely laid, we add the appropriate fertilizer to encourage healthy growth.

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